Why Choose Us?

Why Choose VAcertified.com?

Unlike other certification programs made up of local business people, local organizations or individual training organizations, VAcertified.com has brought together a global panel of experts. These experts comprise our decision making board.

The VAcertified board worked together to agree upon the skills, training, and professional presence that are wanted, needed, and more importantly demanded by potential clients worldwide. This was not without much deliberation and debate, and we recognize that as the virtual assistance industry evolves, so must we along with it.

A Diverse Panel. A Diverse Perspective on What Makes a Great VA.

VAcertified.com drew upon the contacts of the world’s largest VA social community (VAnetworking.com) and its relationship in the global market place to determine what today’s client is looking for in a VA. It is those skills and abilities that are represented in the standards used to award the VAcertified seal to qualifying applicants.

We have found that not only do potential clients want to know what your skill sets are, they want to know where they came from. They want to know things like:

  • Are your credentials from Government Certified Schools? Or from an online source?
  • What kind of professional presence do you have, online and off?
  • Do you give back to the community you live in? How about the one you work in?
  • Are your professional successes verifiable?
  • Do you understand the inherent challenges of succeeding in business today?

Your Hard Work and Dedication Elsewhere Counts.

VAcertified.com is the only virtual assistant certification program in the world that looks at everything that makes you YOU. That means you are credited for your unique skills and experience, including what you accomplished before you were a VA.

We are interested in the value of what you have done and who you have become. When you have earned the VAcertified.com seal, you have the endorsement of a global panel of experts who took the time to know every aspect of what makes you the VA you are today.

You can also be sure that prospective clients will take a second look. They will approach you with less doubt, less fear, and the confidence that you indeed have the skills and abilities you so market.

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