Virtual Assistant Advisor

Patty Dost

Virtual Assistant Advisor

I’m proud to see the Virtual Assistant industry growing and am very excited to be a part of this growth with VAcertified to further this growth.

Patty Dost, owner of Time Is Of The Es-Cents, has over 20 years experience in the corporate world. She has an extensive background as an Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Assistant, and Payroll Administrator. She also has experience in travel planning and meeting coordination.

Since officially opening her Virtual Assistant business, Patty has used her background and also furthered her skills so that she can assist her clients and establish long-term business relationships. She enjoys working with small businesses and Virtual Assistants.

She has also been a volunteer for OIVAC for four years and is a member of IVAA, A Clayton’s Secretary, and the Virtual Assistant Revolution.

Patty keeps up with the day-to-day administrative tasks at VAnetworking as their full-time Virtual Assistant and is always willing to assist anyone. She’s the right-hand VA of

Further Highlights About Patty Dost:

Recipient of 2007 VAccolade Business of the Year. A honorable recognition demonstrating to potential clients and site visitors her professional commitment to excellence as a Virtual Assistant (VA) business entrepreneur.

Nominated 2008 for the Janet Jordan Achievement Award at the Online International Virtual Assistants Conference.