About VAcertified

Many doubted our journey in the beginning, and we don’t blame them.

After all, how can such a varied and relatively new industry support a VA certification program that has nothing to do with completing a set of requisite courses or programs?

We thought of that. And we thought of much, more.

After months of deliberation and debate, VAcertified.com board members came up with the most comprehensive and FAIR certification process for today’s virtual assistant.

VAcertified.com is a unique VA certification program because:

  • Paying for and passing a course isn’t enough to earn certification.
  • Doing whatever it takes to achieve a requisite score on an ethics test or any other kind of exam is not the end goal.

Instead, VAcertified.com not only looks at the skills and education of the person, we look at the whole person:

  • Do they give back to their industry?
  • Do they demonstrate a strong ethic in their business dealings?
  • Do they face the challenges of working with a diverse group of clients, colleagues and other professionals head on?
  • Do they deliver on their promises?
  • And do they show capacity to right a wrong?

A VAcertified virtual assistant is someone who has demonstrated he or she is the whole package: professional, skilled, and morally bound to the VA-client relationship.

Make no mistake though. VAcertified.com understands the important—even critical role—of other VA certification and training programs being offered today. In fact, VAs who possess a demonstrable skill or knowledge base acquired from a VAcertified.com approved program will be credited accordingly in the evaluation process.

We’re devoted to creating and growing a certification program that embraces diversity while also protecting the cache that should come with achieving a globally recognized seal of certification.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant, click here to learn more about acquiring certification.

If you’re a client or employer, click here to learn how hiring a VAcertified professional will benefit your business.