Yvonne Weld


As a graduate of the Small Business Centre, Yvonne has the professional training to complement her practical skills and know what it takes to run a successful business. She bring over 15 years administrative experience to her business and two diplomas, including Legal Assistant and Computerized Bookkeeping and Accounting. Many clients rely on Yvonne to assist with their administrative and bookkeeping tasks. They value her opinion and often ask for advice regarding potential business decisions.

Yvonne believes in giving back to the community and volunteer in many capacities including Past President of my children’s daycare, President of my local BNI group, Chapter Coordinator for Women of Today, St. Thomas and Strathroy chapters and area canvassing captain with the Heart and Stroke Foundation door-to-door campaign.

She is also a Success Partner with Canadian Virtual Assistant Network mentoring and coaching Virtual Assistants as they begin their own business.

Additionally she is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business”. This guidebook takes you step by step through the process of creating a Procedures Manual for your business, protecting your business from unexpected absences due to injury, sickness or even death.

Yvonne loves to write and you can read some of her articles at her blog which are written to help you, the small business owner, create and maintain a thriving business.

Recently she took ABLE Virtual Assistant Services in a new direction and introduced a team of Virtual Assistants. This allows ABLE Virtual Assistant Services to truly be ABLE to meet your every need as a business owner.

ABLE Virtual Assistant Services looks to partner with successful business owners who realize that success is not always measured financially, but in many other ways as well. We work with you to help you meet and exceed your business goals and achieve the success you deserve.

Further Highlights About Yvonne Weld:

Author of The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business a must have book for all business owners that take their business seriously. This manual sets out the steps to ensure that you are creating a thriving business in an easy to follow format.  When coupled with the workbook, it is provided in an easy to complete step-by-step process.  Read more about both here

Yvonne is also the NEW VAinsider President at  Yvonne brings a wealth of virtual assistant wisdom and work experience to enhance the continued success of the VAinsider Club.  She also teaches many of the ProactiveVA Series workshops provided within the VAinsider Club.