VAcertified Board

The VAcertified Global Board has brought together a global panel of experts that comprise our decision making board.

The VAcertified board worked together to agree upon the skills, training, and professional presence that are wanted, needed, and more importantly demanded by potential clients worldwide. This was not without much deliberation and debate, and we recognize that as the virtual assistance industry evolves, so must we along with it.

A Diverse Panel. A Diverse Perspective on What Makes a Great VA.

Our Founder

Tawnya Sutherland Click to read full bio

Australia Advisor
Lyn Prowse-Bishop Click to read full bio

Canada Advisor

Elayne Whitfield Click to read full bio


United Kingdom Advisor

Caroline Melville Click to read full bio

United States Advisor

Kathy McCabe Click to read full bio

Sr. Industry Advisor

Michelle Jamison Click to read full bio

Being a worldwide certification we accept applications from representatives from other countries. Please contact us for full details.