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The VAcertified Board


  1. Thanks for providing this opportunity to prove our skills, knowledge and experience.

  2. Finally, a certification process that covers all the bases: knowledge, skills and experience. Thank you.

  3. I am just getting into the VA business after being a Marketing Cordinator, Event Manager and Executive Assistant for over 10 years! How exciting to see this certification on the move. Congratulations!

  4. I am so excited about the VA certification program and the very impressive VAcertified Board behind it. I can’t wait to apply!

  5. I just launched my VA business. Very excited to learn about this program.

  6. This is great Tawyna and I agree with Terry about the impressive board. Exciting news and just another way to build our credibility.

  7. I am looking forward to hearing about the VA Certification Program and the certification process!

  8. Thank you – what an exciting program. Good luck & Congratulations.

  9. Bravo! This is very exciting and I know this will be a much sought after certification. As our VA Industry continues to grow, potential clients will be looking for those “top-notch” VAs and a certification will certainly be a Plus!

  10. Great, exciting news! A complete program for VAs to grow their business and learn! Anxiously awaiting to apply.

  11. I have just launched my VA business and think this new program is a great idea and would love to be part of it.

  12. This is an awesome idea. I cannot wait for the program to begin. I’m sure the certification will be highly sought after.

  13. This is so great! Will be a bonus for sure when clients are looking for “qualified VAs” to have this certification.

  14. Congratulations! I have recently launched my VA business. I am looking forward to hear more about the Worldwide VA Certification Program

  15. Thank you for this. Being from South Africa one always wonders how about getting international accredited certification.

  16. Que Chevere!! That’s Great news!! in Spanish. Can’t wait. Tawnya: Thanks so much for working so hard to help us in this exciting career path!!

  17. Very exciting! Looking forward to more details about the VAcertification Program. This can only spur on the VA industry and propel VA awareness even more. Thanks for spearheading this Tawnya!

  18. As a seasoned VA, I know that credentials are almost always noticed by the public and potential clients. This certification will only help get our industry ‘out there’ even more. Thanks to everyone on the Board for working on this. I can’t wait!!

  19. Awesome news. The team of highly regarded VAs that are on the Board makes this a very credible and worthwhile program. Thank you.

  20. Tawnya,
    I’m glad you’ve taken this on! This is what I was exactly talking about in FoVA 2008. Hope you’re offering an affiliate program for it as well :)

  21. I think this is an excellent opportunity to provide consistency and reliability on a global level.

    Good job!

  22. I’m glad to see rising to the occasion to be a leader in this certification project. At present, virtual assistants are not regulated, but that time may come. Meanwhile, any VA that has put forth effort to get into training and be acknowledged with valid, profound certification such as would come from has a great recommendation line for the resume.

  23. Thanks so much for putting this together. I think it goes a long way to continue to validate our industry!!

  24. You have an impressive group of people involved here and the idea of an internationally recognized certification for VAs is finally going to be a reality and reassure the world that we are professionals who take great pride in our ethics. Great idea and I can’t wait for it to launch!

  25. I can’t wait to find out more information on the VA Certification process – it will be great to finally have a worldwide recognised certification for all of us hard working self-respecting VAs.

  26. At long last a group of highly skilled board members to create this wonderful opportunity for Virtual Assistants worldwide – I firmly believe that this is another way forward to promote our vastly growing industry and putting the name of the VA out there so that we are heard, understood, respected and our services utilised because we are the future.

  27. Brilliant news! I look forward to receiving more information on this exciting programme.

  28. This is well overdue and a great idea, which will obviously be supported by those of us in the Industry who believe that such accreditation adds value to what we do. Fantastic – well done and looking forward to the launch!

  29. How exciting! This certification will surely add credibility to the VA industry. I am looking forward to the launch.

  30. Great Idea!! Can’t wait to hear more as the launch date approaches

  31. Tawnya, I am so excited to learn more about this certification.

  32. I am currently a Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant. I think that this opprtunity to become certified worldwide is fabulous. Kudos ladies for moving our wonderful profession upwards and onwards!!!!

  33. Great news – an international certification to benchmark VA’s. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  34. This is another great idea by our VA pioneer, Tawnya. I am also impressed with the Board of Advisors, many of whom are colleagues of mine that I have learned from or collaborated with in the industry. It will be nice to see more attention drawn to the VA industry by this powerhouse of professionals. Looking forward to the launch!

  35. An interesting concept – I look forward to finding out more info.

  36. About time the VA industry had a global standard, which clients worldwide can use to benchmark the service they are looking for.

    Very much looking forward to receiving information about the VA Certified course.

  37. I think this is a great idea. It will help to enhance the credibility of VAs and I look forward to learning more about the certification process.

  38. I was always a firm believer that I have paid the price of certification through my experience and education, but I’ve never thought about it in the manner that has been set forth with the VACertified program. I’m now excited to learn more about the process and what it is going to take for me to earn such a prestigious title. Thanks Tawnya for another bright idea!

  39. I think it’s great that this program is finally here!! I’m very excited about becoming a Certified Virtual Assistant! Great job, Tawnya!

  40. I can’t wait! I’ve been searching for something like this.

  41. This is great! Thank you for providing a much needed service for serious VAs.

  42. Looking forward to find out more about the certification program

  43. I’m really excited about this program! This is a long time coming and something that is really needed in the Virtual Assisting world. Thank you SO much for doing this!

  44. Looking forward to hearing more about the certification program.

  45. I am so thrilled to learn of this program and look forward to participating and becoming officially certified!

  46. Great News for all dedicated VA’s. Always impressive on a website showing commitment to the industry.

  47. This will be an enormous opportunity for me.

    Thank you

  48. Very Cool! I’m looking forward to knowing more about the certification process.

  49. I’ve been waiting to see what happens. Can’t wait till May. Connecting with peers and establishing standards is a great step in professionalizing the VA industry.

  50. I am excited for for officially entering this arena and for the thousands of VAs like myself who will benefit from this program!

  51. Looking forward to seeing how this will positively affect my VA lifestyle!

  52. Looking forward to seeing the VA Certification program when it goes live.

  53. I am extremely excited for the VAcertified program to be released. I only have high expectations for the certification and have no doubt that they will be surpassed!

  54. I am looking forward to the VAcertified program as well as the benefits it will bring to VA’s in the industry.

  55. Very exciting Tawnya – thanks! :)

  56. I am looking forward to starting the process of the VAcertification program. I’m excited to to start my business and network with other VAs.

  57. Great News – I’m excited !!!! Thank you.

  58. Certification is exactly what I’m looking for!

  59. I´m from Uruguay and I´m very interested in knowing and grow in my knowledge of my business and my self education.


    Laura Levy

  60. I am looking forward to becoming a VA and work for myself. How long did it take everyone before you could even get work from VA Porgams? Did you have take medical terminology, training classes, etc.? I am told 1 year. Thanks so much I am so impress with all the names for VA

  61. Wow! I’ve been certified! Found out this week that I am one of the first four to be awarded and the first in the UK.

    Looking forwarded to proudly displaying my logo.


  62. I have been working as a VA for a year and a half and love the idea of being certified. I can’t wait to get started towards that goal!

  63. This is GREAT! I look forward to becoming certified. This simply adds to the many different talents I have to offer my clients. Thank you!

  64. So happy to be VAcertified now! I can hardly wait for the directory to be up so I can see who else is certified!

  65. I am so excited to receive this certification. I am very proud to display the certification on my web site.

  66. I am looking forward to learning more about the certification program and agree that it is an excellent credential to share with clients.

  67. I am interested in becoming a virtual assistant, but have significant experience already. I have a BBA in Management, over 30 years experience working with different office machines and applications, since I was actually around when PCs came on the market when I was 17.

    I have also completed 9 online masters courses in Instructional Technology, and through this time, I was a group leader for more than 10 groups. My portfolio of my work is my website.

    The training I would need the most, is the skills specific to virtual assistants, and the methods in setting up and starting a successful business.

    Two years ago, I moved to be near my father after my mother died. I was a certified math,science and business education teacher, but found my certifications would not transfer without significant expense of more coursework and more testing. When I have so many demonstrated technological skills I felt it was a waste of time and money to further pursue education.

    Please let me know what it would take to become a VA and reputable training facilities.

    Tracy Ann Hardin

  68. I want to become a VA and learn how to run a business from home, I am in the medical field and I work in a hospital setting and also I have administrative experience, but I need some training to get back on track.

  69. I stumbled upon becoming a Virtual Assistant while on maternity leave. I am not excited about going back to Corporate America so I’m please that there is a certification to help make my decision to stay home easier

  70. There is nothing better than having the freedom to work from home, be your own boss and avoid the corporate ratrace 😉 Good luck with your new career!

  71. You appear to have the technical side covered to become a Virtual Assistant and just need help taking your business virtually. With some common business help and support from other VAs, you may just find that is all you need. I suggest joining the Virtual Assistant Forum and post your questions there.

  72. I feel so liberated to work at home and have all of these avenues opened up to me. God, this is exciting.

  73. This is great information. I a newly started VA business with a specialization in the legal environment in Charlotte, NC.

  74. I have been in business for a couple of years now, but I’m not certified. I would like my VA certification to build credibility with my virtual audience.

  75. Credibility in the eyes of your prospective clients is highly important to the Virtual Assistant landing that next client. It highlights your VA business over your competitors who are not certified and makes your VA business one clients can trust.

    Clients originally came to me requesting this VA Certification Board to help make the task of finding the best VA for them easier, the reason we developed :)

  76. I am new to the Virtual Assistant industry. I have provided administrative support for various levels of management for over 12 years were the demand for strong organizational, customer service, technical, and interpersonal skills was at a high demand. With my enthusiasm to work in a fast-pace environment and my eagerness to learn new initiatives; I am confident that my skills are well-aligned with the role, and that I would be an excellent fit as a Virtual Assistant. My struggle is getting started.

  77. I will be concentration on an Internet Research VA niche. Is your certification niche specific or general?

  78. It is a general VA Certification taking in all niches. is the only virtual assistant certification program in the world that looks at everything that makes you YOU. That means you are credited for your unique skills and experience.

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